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A majority of people see their cars beyond a transportation tool. Especially those with fancy cars. Many take their car as their cute-looking baby that they can’t take their pride away from. They can’t afford to lose the pristine, cute look of their beautiful car. While such a mentality is a good one to help you keep your car in good condition, some don’t see it that way.

Car owners pay a dear price for poor without even knowing they are paying a price. Many car fixing expenses people make would have been easily averted if they observed good body car maintenance habits. Many would have sold their car for far a better price if they properly maintained them.

If you love it when your friends admire your car, or you want to sell your car at a good price, then a good body car maintenance habit shouldn’t be an option for you. It’s an important task.

Seeing the importance of good body car maintenance habits, as experts, we’ve put together eight tips to help your car last longer.

Let’s show them to you.

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1. Keep your car away from the sun

As beautiful and helpful as the sun is, your car never loves it. The sun is the greatest enemy of your car’s bodywork. Although vehicle paints are becoming more resistant to the elements yet, they will fade under prolonged exposure to the sun. 

To protect the sun from its enemy, you need to park your car under shade when possible. Under the extreme sun, cover your car with a car hood.

2. Bird droppings

Not everything that comes from above is a blessing. The droppings of birds and flying insects are proof of that. They are headaches to your car’s bodywork. When these elements rest on your car’s body, it burns themselves into the paint if subjected to direct sunlight. 

Bird droppings and insect feces are corrosive elements. The longer they rest on your car, the greater the damage done. Our advice as experts is that you shouldn’t overlook a dropping on your car to wash it later. The moment you see a dropping or insect feces, wipe it off immediately.

3. keep it covered

Keeping your car covered is the best way to avoid it from getting in contact with harmful stuff. If you have a garage, make sure you always park your car in the garage. They won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or bird dropping anymore. Apart from that, your car will also be protected if parked in a well-protected area. It will protect them from theft, vandalism, falling branches, and every other harmful element.

4. Keep it clean

How often should you clean your car? Very often. This is the easiest way to ensure your car’s body is properly maintained. With regular washing, your car doesn’t face the threat of prolonged contact with corrosive elements. 

Aside from that, with a clean vehicle, you will know when your car’s paint is washing off and need the attention of experts. How does your car look after washing? If it doesn’t reach your standard of beauty, then you might have to take it for waxing or repainting.

5. Choose the right condition for cleaning

Yes, we said that regularly washing your car is a healthy habit. But should you wash your car in every condition? Nope. It’s easy to get so in love with your cute-looking car that you can’t stand its dirty look. So, cleaning it right after your long trip might be tempting to you. But hey, take a chill pill. They are bad times to wash your car. 

Make sure not to wash it when your car body has been exposed to the sun and is now too hot. Heat can reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning agent, causing it to leave streaks on your car. At worst, you’ll end up damaging your car’s bodywork. At best, you aren’t washing it at all. 

6. Waxing

Some areas of your car’s paint might slightly peel off without your knowledge. And those areas will constantly be exposed to rusting agents. Waxing will create a protective layer that will further shield your car’s bodywork from the elements. 

Doing it twice a year will ensure your car body isn’t exposed to those corrosive elements for more than six months. Waxing your car will keep it shiny and bright by covering all minor scratches and dents that tend to create loopholes for rust. This can prove very costly to fix in the future.

7. Inspect your car regularly

This might be an obvious thing that doesn’t deserve to be on this list. But it’s funny how car owners neglect the very basics of . You should make it a habit to walk around your car, searching for dents and scratches. 

Don’t write off the chances of children mistakenly scratching your car. And damaging the paint. It might be a slight scratch that isn’t visible until after inspection. Rust has a notorious attribute of concealing its operation until the effect becomes very serious. And it proves to be more expensive to fix.

8. After damage, repair quickly

When your car’s bodywork gets damaged by accident, the best response to give is an emergency response. If possible, fix all dents and scratch the same day. 

No matter how insignificant and little a dent seems to be. Don’t be deceived. There are chances that the paintwork was also affected. And that marks the beginning of the deadly rust operation. To avoid escalation, fix it immediately.

Our Verdict

Seeing how serious slight damage on your car’s bodywork can prove to be, fixing every damage as soon as it happens is the best way to react to it. As a car owner, that pride in the beauty of your car, make sure you follow these necessary tips to bring out the best look in your car. 

Although , scratch removal, and car repainting can be done by yourself. But delegating it to an expert is the most optimal option.

Dent Max here in Florida can get all types of dents removed and perfectly fixed like nothing ever happened to your car all at an affordable price. Make sure your car body maintenance habit is at its best and prevent future costs that will cost you a penny. Reach out to us.