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Cars with high-rated engines are cute and something everybody wants. But with poor bodywork care, people won’t even notice the car in the first place. Or rather, they will, but as an eyesore. 

The bodywork of your car is the first thing that makes your car stand out. It either gives your car its aesthetic value or rather devalues it immediately after a buyer sees it. 

Poorly maintained has some setbacks you might not be aware of. In this article, we’ll show them to you.

Let’s get started!

1. Paint damage

If you are part of the many Americans that don’t bother to observe good care, then get ready to fall under the long list of people with damaged paint. When you don’t care about something, it can get out of hand without you knowing a thing. 

Your car paintwork is the first to receive the impact of the slightest damage on your . The scratch you see on your car is a mark left behind by scraped paintwork, leaving the metal of your visible. 

2. Rust problem

Your car paint isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. It plays a huge role in protecting your bodywork from the elements. Due to the damaged paintwork caused by poor car bodywork care, you leave those damaged paint surfaces exposed to the air and water (which are causes of rust). 

Once your car bodywork is exposed to this, rusting starts. Just like bacteria multiplication, the rust spot keeps expanding and causes more damage that proves more expensive to fix.

3. Structural integrity deterioration

Your car is made of metals enveloped in a sheet of metal. The sheet of metal is then further shielded and decorated with paint. Once your car’s bodywork is threatened, the paint is also threatened. It will compromise the supposed shield that covers the sheet of metal. 

This leaves the metal sheet exposed to every possible element that can or cannot affect it. When the sun shines, it shines directly on the sheet. When the rain falls, it falls right on the sheet. Dust, bird droppings, and all possible harmful elements hit directly on the sheet. 

All of these cause a remarkable impact on the structure of the metal sheet and gradually deteriorate the integrity of the structure. 

4. Aesthetic integrity deterioration

As earlier said, the paint is also for aesthetic purposes. When you poorly maintain your car bodywork, and your paint work is affected, it loses its very aesthetic capability. Your car which was once known to be so shiny and attractive is now notorious for drawing people’s attention for the wrong purpose. Its aesthetic ability is completely lost. 

If you properly care for your car bodywork, trust me, your car will be ever-new.

5. Your pride

Having a fancy car with beautiful bodywork gives car owners a bragging right. When you cruise your car and pass through a crowd, everyone turns around to admire your car a second time. You can confidently take your spotless car to go see your friends and feel proud seeing your cute-looking car flawlessly standing out amongst your friends’. 

Well, take this from us. If you have a poor car bodywork habit, you’ll gradually lose that right, and very soon your fancy car will be once upon a time. No outstanding bodywork, no joy at seeing the car, no pride. Everything goes normal or rather worse.

6. Resale value

All buyers look for ways to get their product at the cheapest possible rate. If there’s a loophole to cut down the price, they will surely extort. It seems they have the superpower of an eagle eye to scan through your car looking for the slightest dent, scratch, paint peeling, paint crack, and rust at the exterior of the car. They will almost kneel to thank their star when they see one. 

Any defect seen will surely slash the value of your car at the dealership. Let’s not give the buyer such an opportunity. Take your car bodywork care seriously. Fix dents as they happen, and take preventive and urgent measures. It might cost you a little now, but it will cost more if you keep it until then.

7. Prevention is better than cure

This quote has stood the test of time and proved to be true anytime, anywhere. You should rather focus on how to prevent ugly bodywork now than on how to fix it later. If you keep ignoring your car bodywork, you’ll probably still be too busy ignoring little signs your car bodywork is communicating to you. You won’t be able to notice rust caused by poor car bodywork. 

When you act nonchalant toward your car bodywork, it starts to gradually deteriorate. By the time it finally comes to your notice, enough damage is already done. In most cases, it becomes costlier to fix. There are top tips to guide you through the preventive measures to avoid ugly bodywork. But one thing is for sure, cherish your car as your baby and inspect it often for bad signs.

8. Peace of mind

When you consider good car bodywork care, you are almost always sure that your car bodywork is in perfect condition. You are not scared of walking around your car to inspect it, because of how sure you are. 

This keeps your mind at peace and translates as self-confidence whenever you are in your car. You have so much to worry about already, keep your car out of it by making sure you observe good car bodywork.

A Word from Us

To keep your car at its best, you must be proactive. Be alert to bird dropping, dents, and scratches. Be careful when washing your car as there are ways to wash your car that will cause more damage. Car bodywork care is a must to keep your car body at its best. 

As soon as you see a dent, take action quickly. You can call the pros. They will professionally relieve your car from dents without compromising the paintwork. 

Here at Dent Max in Florida, we are experts in popping out a dent without causing single damage to your car bodywork and paintwork at an affordable price. Reach out to us.