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A little dent on your car gives it the ugly look that other vehicles with dents have. It surely makes your car look unkempt. The sad truth is, as cars with dents seem pretty obvious to you, that’s the same way yours seems obvious to others. 

The absolute solution to the dent is to get rid of it. Yes, visiting the removal professionals is a good option. But you can save the extra cash if you rather DIY. And to use a good DIY technique, you must properly equip yourself with the right . But the huge question is- do those actually work?

This article will answer the big question. And help you make the best decision to get that pesky dent off your vehicle. Should you take it to a professional to get the dent off, or can you DIY it?

Let’s go!

Categories of Dent Repair Kits

All existing dents have a repair method. You can either pop it by pulling or gradually hammer it until it gets back to normalcy. Many other dents need you to push from the inside. 

Knowing the best removal method will help you know the best kit to buy for the removal process. And these removal processes determine the removal kits. Let’s talk a bit about these categories of kits.

All kits are classified under these categories. 

Case in point:

1. The pulling type

Kits under this category fix your car with suction pressure. They pull the dent with suction till it pops out. Although kits under this category help fix a small dent, they are the most common in the market today. And that’s because they don’t require much instruction or skill to pop out a dent.

2. Rod type

Larger dents or dents in difficult positions are best removed by pushing them from underneath rather than pulling. Tools under this category allow you to access and push the dented panel from behind till it pops.

3. Hammer/Tapping style:

Tools under this category are usually used to remove dot-like dents. They are for tools that will let you hammer the dent from one side to pop it back to its original shape.

Car Dent Pullers 

In this session, we will discuss car dent pullers (the most advertised car dent repair tool). Since there are so many car dent repair kits out there, let’s use this one as a case study. 

A car dent puller, under the category of pulling type, pulls out the dent by suction. It works mostly on cars made of light steel. It is best effective for small dents. 

Here’s how you should use it:

  • Pick the most suitable size for the operation. Smaller puller for smaller dents. bigger puller for bigger dents.
  • Sprinkle some water on the puller and the surface of the dent
  • Place the puller just right over the dented surface, clamp it, and pull
  • Keep pulling till the dent finally pops out
  • Make small but quick pulls rather than one huge pull.

Do They Actually Work?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: 

Car dent pullers are effective and reliable. They actually work. But it depends on the depth of the dent. You can trust it only for small and shallow dents. If you can use the kit properly, you can remove the dent. 

But for deeper dents, nope! It’s difficult and in most cases impossible to remove the dent yourself. An attempt might cause further damage to your car. You’d have to consult a professional to get rid of the deep dent.

Just as the car dent puller works for only slight dents, so do other dent repair kits. Are you having a pesky little dent in your car? Try out the car dent puller and thank us later. 


They are risks involved in attempting to remove dents with DIY dent repair kits. These risks should be right within your fingertips before attempting any operation on your car. 

Here are the risks: 

1. Oil canning

When you’ve overworked your car panel, oil canning occurs. This is when your car panel losses its stiffness and become unable to fit in line with the curvature of the vehicle

2. It lacks the perfect finish 

You won’t compare a dent repair you did with that done by a pro. You won’t get the perfect finish you desire. You’d still have that uneasy feeling whenever you look at your car from the right angle. Because you’ll still notice that very small pesky dent that was left behind after using the dent puller kit.

3. You can cause more damage

You can create more damage when trying to pop out a dent. That’s more money to fix it. That’s a typical case of from bad to worse. 


If you want to play safe, I personally advise that you contact the professionals to get rid of that dent. You shouldn’t gamble with your cute-looking car.

The Perfect Solution 

Attempting a DIY technique is a good idea, but not a great idea. The surest way to get your peace of mind is to visit the professionals. They have solutions for all types of dents. They use enhanced and professional equipment to get rid of car dents permanently without ruining your car’s appearance. Simply put, they will give your car that PERFECT FINISH without ruining your paint.

Many people hesitate to take their car to professionals. Thanks to various videos on YouTube, you feel comfortable handling it yourself. However, getting your dent fixed by a professional is the most reliable technique you can try. 

Here at Dent Max Paintless Dent Repair, we handle all types of dents with the most suitable equipment tailored for each dent. We are not just reliable, we are fast and affordable. Reach out to us.

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