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Understanding the Limitations of Dent Repair Kits: What They Can’t Fix

If you care about the aesthetics of your car, then having kits is a wise choice. They not only assist you in correcting small dents on your car without much effort, they also save your time and money. But, here comes the twist: while your kits are a convenient way of fixing dents and scratches on your car, they also have their drawbacks.


It’s important for any car owner to know what type of dents their kits cannot fix in order to avoid disappointment and possibly more expensive repairs in the future. To help you out, we have penned this article especially for you. Stay tuned as we reveal to you some types of dents that your kits cannot handle.


Let’s unveil them!

Some Types of Dents that your Dent Repair Kits Can’t Fix

Using your dent repair kits can come in handy when you need to remove minor dents and scratches on your vehicle. However, not every type of dent can be fixed with your kits. Here are some type of dents where you’ll may need to call an expert: 


  • Large dents and severe damage: Your dent repair kits are specifically designed to repair small and shallow dents. If you find a big dent or some severe damage which can be inflicted by a collision, your kits may not be enough for the job. In such situations, you can even worsen the damage if you continue to repair it on your own. It will be advisable to call a technician who has the skills and tools to remove those dents in the shortest time possible.


  • Dents with paint damage: The paint on your vehicle is part of what makes it appealing. Sometimes a dent can cause your car’s paint to crack, chip, or peel, and your dent repair kits may not be able to effectively fix the dent without increasing the damage on your paint. Ensure you visit an auto body shop when you notice dents with paint damage on your car. They’ll help you fix the dent and restore the pain of your vehicle. 

When to Call an Expert Dent Repair Technician

Before using your dent repair kits, try to assess the extent of the damage on your vehicle to know if you can fix it yourself or to call an expert. Also, if you don’t know what to do, it’s wise to consult with a professional like Auto Dent Fix It to save your time, money, and prevent further damage.


If you live in Florida,  Auto Dent Fix It is your go-to dent remover. We have the right tools and experience to effectively fix any type of dent without damaging your vehicle. Our services are fast and budget-friendly. Reach out to us now. 


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