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Why Choose PDR Over Auto Body Repair?

Accidents can and will happen; no two ways around that. If you’re lucky, your car might only end up with a fist-sized ding, but a ding is a ding, and it has to go. What do you do?

You have two options available for repairing the damage to your car. You can go the conventional route and take your vehicle to a mechanic for some traditional , or you can try out PDR. PDR, also known as paintless dent removal or repair, is a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to fix that dent that dares mar your car’s beauty.

And it has substantial advantages over the traditional methods. This article will explain these advantages.

What makes Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) a better option?

1. It saves time

Due to what it involves, PDR is a much faster and easier way to fix dents than . Depending on your luck and how severe the damage is, you might even be able to take your car home at the end of the day. And knowing how long it’ll take is a simple matter of asking the experts working on it. 

2. It saves money

involves restoring, refinishing, and replacing the car body part. With PDR, however, there is only the restoration of the car body using skillful and careful massage to pop the car body back into shape. PDR will save you the money you would’ve probably spent on re-spraying or replacing the damaged panels.

But that’s not the only way PDR saves your pockets. Due to the reduced time put in by your mechanic, labor costs are less than you’d expect.

3. It’s more eco-friendly

PDR is a ‘green’ process in that it doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, so there’s little to no risk of pollution. However, almost invariably involves unhealthy chemicals like auto paint and paint thinner that pose a significant environmental threat.

4. It restores your vehicle’s factory finish.

Since PDR only focuses on restoring the structure and integrity of the vehicle without altering its color or appearance with paint, it will pretty much look like it did when new.

When is PDR a Great Option for You?

PDR is, sadly, not a one-size-fits-all solution to any problem your car might have with its body image. There are some kinds of damage PDR is powerless to solve: most apparent is any sort of damage that chips off the paint and leaves a large area of the metal of your car’s body exposed.

Other forms of damage PDR can’t help with are:

  1. Dents too close to the edge of a panel
  2. Frame damage
  3. Broken parts, like side mirrors, windshields, etc.

If your vehicle isn’t damaged in any of these ways, head on to the nearest Dent Max PDR workshops. To ensure your vehicle returns to its former glory, you’d do well to use only qualified personnel for your needs. It’s this kind of personnel we can provide.

You can call us whenever or book an appointment with us.

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