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How to Prevent Dents on Your Car Door

If you care at all, dents on your must be painful to see. You might not know the cause, but once you’re done contemplating revenge, your mind turns to how you can fix this for cheap. If it doesn’t seem too bad, you might even rub it over with your hand to smooth out the dent.

If you’ve had a lot of experience with this problem, you might have memorized a few techniques to take care of it. You might even have the necessary equipment in your trunk, polished and ready to work when you need them to.

But what if you could avoid dents altogether? What if you didn’t have to spend resources to research how to repair the dents in your , simply because you didn’t have the dents in the first place?

And you don’t need to stand over your car with an infinity gauntlet to accomplish it, either. You can manage just fine with these few tips:

  • Do your best to park far away from other vehicles in parking lots. Say you see two cars parked side by side with just enough of a gap between them. Don’t sing hallelujah and squeeze your way in. When the owner of one of the other cars arrives and tries to open their door, there is a good chance a careless pull on the door will result in a brand-new dent and dent-removing research.

Instead, park at a distance from other cars (two or three car lengths from the closest car should be enough). That way, no matter how careless the other drivers are, there is little chance of worsening your day.

  • Park at the extreme ends of parking lots. On any day at work or grocery shopping, you’ll notice that parking traffic tends to be closer to the main attraction (workplace or the store). This creates congestion.

Parking far away from this congestion reduces the chances of someone who grossly overestimates their own driving skills giving your fender a black eye.

  • Drive carefully at all times. Of course, it’s not only other people that cause accidents. Sometimes, due to distraction or fatigue after a rough day at work, you might be the one doing the hitting. To prevent this, you must ensure to drive carefully.

Make sure you are not distracted and make sure your passengers know not to disturb you while you drive. Also, do not use your phone while you drive. And don’t drive too fast. Forget about dents, speed kills.

  • Park next to expensive or small cars. People who buy expensive cars or take very good care of their cars don’t do it with the mindset that they will make sure to hit every car that dares get close to them. These people and their cars are the non-toxic ones you should love parking next to. They will be of like mind when it comes to dent-removing research.

Parking next to small cars also helps. Have you ever heard of anyone parked next to a truck still being careless when opening their doors? Well, it’s unusual. Also, small cars take up less space in parking lots. Park between two small well-parked cars and you can be sure there will be a gap big enough to open your door all the way.

Conversely, stay far away from the big ones.

  • Always show self-respect when parking. This means no double-parking, people. Always try to park in the very center of the allotted space. The allowed space wasn’t measured by an idiot. It will be enough to avoid sorry ‘accidents’ if everyone follows this rule.

Parking in the very center of your space creates the maximum gap between you and cars on either side of yours. Certainly big enough for a careless door or two (no, not two. There will be chipped paintwork at the end of the day).

  • Take good care of your car. If you accidentally scratched a battered-looking Beetle, it is doubtful you’d feel as guilty as denting a very beautiful and expensive Chrysler. The point is, anyone would feel worse for denting up a clean car than they would for adding one more insignificant dent to a host of them on a fixer-upper (“Bah, he won’t notice the difference.” And it’s probably true, too).

That’s why it’s a good idea to take very good care of your car. A beautiful car is automatically and unconsciously respected wherever it goes.

  • When possible, consider parallel parking. You know, parking in the street, next to the curb. The chances of accidents occurring when you park in the street are statistically low, just as long as you park well.
  • Try to keep things off your car, especially people. Dents are not the only things you risk getting in that circumstance. Scratches from whatever they are wearing are a real possibility (jeans buttons are the worst). Save yourself the money for a paint job.
  • Playgrounds are not your friends. They contain humans and their balls. Stay far away so a wayward soccer ball or basketball does not find a home in your windshield or on your fender. If you must, park it off to the sides, not behind the goals where missed shots love going (no idea why).
  • Gravel roads? Don’t speed on them. Speeding causes gravel to fly. Flying gravel is bad news to anyone who wants their car less banged up.

Also, ensure to drive far behind anyone who is speeding so the gravel they rip from the ground does not get up in your face (your windshield is in the way).

  • Don’t park under trees. They seem to drop things at the most unfortunate times. A branch losing to gravity at the wrong time will not help the state of your car. Heavens forbid it’s the size of an arm.

Unfortunately, despite all your efforts to prevent dents, they’re not avoidable (maybe you do need an infinity gauntlet). Somehow, some way, dents will appear. But don’t worry, it’s probably not your fault.

That’s why Dent Max exists. We can take care of those dents and restore your car to its former glory. And we do it for so low a price, it’s practically a bargain.

You can text us a picture of the dent along with a request for an appointment and get a free cost estimate for repairs. After two decades of work, we’d like to think we can let you go with a smile on your face.

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